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Businesses come in all shapes, sizes, and varieties, but the ones that are the most successful all share a common bond- an outstanding culture that is conducive to inspired productivity and boundless creativity. Of course, many CEO’s and managers will tell you there too busy getting real work done to bother with cultivating a high-performance culture.

But it doesn’t have to be that challenging.

The value of a great company culture can’t be overstated. It is the engine that drives your business objectives. When it comes to the culture there isn’t an easy one size fits all approach. However, there are several steps that every business can take to make their business a better place to work.

1. Hire for attitude as well as aptitude.

Arguably, nothing contributes to – or detracts from – a corporate culture more than the employees of a company. Therefore, who you hire can significantly influence the corporate culture you get. For that reason, many business advisors believe that just because someone is qualified for a job doesn’t mean they are a good fit for the position. Keep in mind, the power of a positive well-placed attitude within a company can yield tremendous rewards for years to come.

2. Inclusion is critical

It is well-known advice that companies should take into consideration the thoughts and opinions of their employees before major decisions are reached and strategic actions were taken. Unfortunately, most businesses don’t employ inclusive decision-making. Employees who feel a part of the team and involved in decision making exhibit higher than average company loyalty, even when their recommendations aren’t acted upon.

3. Spread good gossip

Employees want to work in a positive, uplifting, creative environment. They want to know their company values and cares about them and appreciates their hard work. How do you catch employees doing the right thing? How do you pour on the praise? A social recognition platform allows companies to seamlessly engage their employees, build team unity, and inspire greater productivity.

4. Fun is good business

Everyone agrees fun is good business, and that there is a direct correlation between successful corporate cultures and a comfortable, relaxed working environment. However, one of the biggest mistakes companies make is getting to carried away, so it’s important to know where the boundaries lie.

5. Lead by example

Corporate culture is often erroneously believed to be simply the working relationships among colleagues around the office. While there is truth to that statement, the words, actions, and other habits of management exert an enormous pull on the energy in the workplace. The journey to an improved culture begins by exploring new ways management can better communicate, interact, and work alongside the rest of the team.

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