Striv360’s Commitment To Anonymity

You can trust us to keep things confidential

Anonymity is an essential component of honest, constructive, and insightful feedback. As such, Striv360 takes your confidentiality extremely serious.

To protect your anonymity, we take the following measures at Striv360:

  1. Your responses are always 100% anonymous. Your Administrator(s) can never see who submitted which response.
  2. Administrators can’t see who did and who did not respond to a specific Striv360 survey. Administers only see the aggregate user response metrics (137 out of 243 responded to this survey). However, Striv360 may display how many total surveys you have participated in.
  3. Survey results are only displayed once 5 or more responses have been submitted. Response breakdowns require a larger number of responses to ensure your identity is fully protected.
  4. For segmented results, at least five employees must belong to the segment in order to view results.
  5. We stand behind our commitment to anonymity 100% and we would retire an account rather than breach anonymity. At the same time, Striv360 is not a venue for death threats, bomb threats, terror threats, harassment, or any other criminal or abusive comments. If your survey response, Comments, or Anonymous Suggestion is deemed by a member of our team to fall under any of these categories, we will further review the comments on a case-by-case basis and may reveal the identity of the commenter and / or remove them from our platform.
If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about how Striv360 protects your anonymity, please contact us directly at